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Accepting & Rejecting Orders via Slerp Controls Dashboard

The stores usually use Slerp App, especially when Accepting or Rejecting an incoming order/s, but in case, the tablet/device has an error or cannot be used due to unforeseen circumstances, the store may still be able to accept or reject incoming orders through a web browser (Google, Safari, etc.). 

  1. Click here to access Slerp Controls Dashboard and log in using your credentials.
  2. Once logged in, kindly select Orders tab (1), and you'll be able to see all orders (Pending, Accepted, Fulfilled, Rejected, and Refunded ones).
  3.  'Pending' orders are usually the orders that need attention, click the order reference, and a popup window will show all details.  See the images below as an example. 

    HINT: You may filter Incoming/Accepted orders by using the Filter bars. (FOR Location, Order status, and Calendar (for specific date option).