Allergen Tagging and Listing

In line with Natasha's Law, Slerp has introduced Allergen Tagging and Listing for all products on your Slerp Space. 

This can be done for both existing and new products added to your space. 

How to add Allergen(s) tag: 

  1. Go to the 'Products’ tab from your Controls Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select 'New Product' if it's for a new one or edit an existing Product by selecting it.
  3. Choose all the allergens that the product contains from the drop-down.
  4. Hit 'Add Product' (if adding a new one) or 'Update Product' (if editing an existing one).

Listing Allergens

We recommend using descriptive terms that include lead ingredients, allergen/dietary information, and dish type. Think of keywords that people search for when scanning a menu. For example, 'Chorizo & chicken paella (Gluten Free)'.

You can also enable the Product Search bar that will allow your customers to search for specific foods that contain items that they might be allergic to.

Customer Experience:

Customers will be able to easily avoid any dish/item that contains specific allergens. They will also be able to search for the allergens directly in order to check which dishes to avoid.


If your customer searches 'vegan' or 'nuts' or 'gluten' in the search bar. The search will pull up products using these keywords found in the product or category name, as well as the description.

For further information on Natasha's Law, the full government guidelines are available here.