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Change Fulfillment Time for Future Delivery

At times, your customers might need to request a rescheduling for their upcoming delivery to be moved to a different date. Slerp Controls Dashboard has the functionality that allows you to seamlessly make this change. 

How to change the fulfillment time of a Delivery Pre-Order?


Please click here to follow a live tutorial.

  1. Log on to your Controls Dashboard as a store or admin user and navigate to Orders.
  2. Search and Select the order by clicking on the order Transaction Reference.
  3. Click on the Delivery Tab.
  4. Click the button for Change Fulfillment Time.
  5. This will bring up a Date Menu which can be used to select an available date to reschedule the order. 
  6. Once a date has been selected, a Dropdown Menu for the Timeslot Available shall be offered.
  7. Upon selection of the timeslot, the Submit button will be highlighted to finalise the change.

By changing the fulfillment time from your controls dashboard, the actual Fulfillment Time of the order will update accordingly and the customer shall be sent a new email confirmation letting them know of the change in fulfillment date/time.



The available timeslots and dates are limited to dates/times in which the Store is Open and any Special Closure Times will affect what days and times option you can select for changing the fulfillment time. 



  • Change Fulfillment Time/Date is only available for Future/Pre-order Delivery.
  • If you use Slerp Composer and have already imported your order, you need to change the date in Slerp Composer as well.