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Creating and Managing Discount Codes

How to create a discount code

Please click here to follow a live tutorial.

  1. Log into your Slerp controls dashboard 

  2. On the side navigation menu select "Discounts"

  3. Click on the "Add Discount" button on the top right corner 

  4. Enter the discount code name you have in mind (e.g. ‘FRIYAY50’) *Note that the system is character and case-sensitive.

  5. Choose to apply the discount parameters on either of the following:

Available Discount Parameters:

  • Applicable to: You may apply the discount only to 
    • a specific product, 
    • a specific category, 
    • all products,
    • delivery charge.
  • Discount value: Set the discount code to be a fixed amount or a percentage (%) of the final value.
  • Limitations
    • Limit duration - This allows you to set a start and end date for when your customer can use/claim the discount code.
      • i.e. Free delivery code valid for the next 48 hours or on Mother's Day only. 
      • Please note: the date is restricting the date in which the order is placed by the customer, NOT the fulfillment date
    • Limit uses - This limits the total uses of the discount code overall.
      • i.e. Free delivery code, available for the first 50 customers only
      • Please note: this feature does not limit per-customer usage. Please use the "Limit uses per customer" if you'd like to like to limit the use per.
    • Limit uses per customer - Use this limitation to set a limit for each individual customer, so that they cannot exceed the maximum you enter below.
      • i.e. 10% Off your first order. Perfect for setting up a welcome discount code for any new customer signing up to your website/newsletter. 
      • Please note: the customer must create an account for the first time in order to be able to use this discount offer. 
    • Limit to location - This allows you to run a promotional/discount offer and limit it to be used when ordering at the location specified. 
      • i.e. You may choose to run a special giveaway promo when launching a new location. This setting allows you to set up a discount code and make it only valid for the selected locations
    • Minimum order value - This allows you to set a certain basket value that needs to be met before they can claim the discount code.
      • i.e. Free delivery for any order above £20

Discount Settings: 

  • Apply discount automatically - The discount will automatically apply at checkout if the customer meets the criteria 

  • Activate Discount - To make the discount code go live. The customer will need to manually enter the discount code at the checkout page.


Note: Customers can only use one code per order and you cannot produce a code that discounts the whole order value.

Advertise your discount code

Here are some ways you could advertise your discount code on your online Slerp store, using the Designer tab settings.

Welcome message = Displayed on your customer landing page

Promo banner = When turned on it is displayed above your categories on the customer product page