Deliverect - Set Operating Hours

You can access the Operating Hours section of Deliverect via this link: Deliverect - Set Operating Hours.

Your set operating hours should look similar to those below, matching those already configured in the Slerp dashboard:

You will need to make sure that all Locations have their Operating Hours added by clicking Schedule -> Opening Hours.

In most instances, Deliverect will set this up for you during the onboarding process. If you self-onboarded you will need to be extremely careful to configure your schedules in Deliverect to prevent each menu push wiping the operating hours for that location in Slerp.

NB: Make sure that you have set operating hours for each of your locations. If no operating hours are set in Deliverect, then the operating hours in Slerp will get wiped.

You can find more information on setting Operating Hours in Deliverect from their own documentation, which can be found at the following link: Deliverect Documentation