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End-Customer Support Policies

This article contains all information related to Slerp providing support to your customers for delivery related queries.

What is Slerp End-Customer Support?

Slerp End-Customer Support is only available to customers for delivery orders booked through our courier platform, Dispatch. Other order types (pickup, Order at Table, 3PL/Self Delivery) will not display the chat button to the customers as we have no control/visibility of any issues that may occur with these order types.

How will Slerp support your customer?

When your customers place their order, they receive a confirmation email which contains a Live Chat button that connects the customer to our support system, this will also be added to Tracking Link and App confirmation pages in the near future. When your customer clicks the button the process will proceed as follows:

  1. The customer will be asked to enter their Order ID and the problem they have encountered.
  2. Our systems will automatically check the Order Status and type.
  3. It will then either provide an automated response where appropriate (eg: if the order has been rejected or fully refunded by the store, the automated system will inform the customer), or pass the customer on to a live agent who will be able to investigate more thoroughly.

Our Support Agents will introduce themselves as "FIRSTNAME from Slerp, we manage deliveries for RESTAURANT". They will attempt to assist your customer as much as possible, and will follow the below processes:

  1. In the case of a customer claiming that they have not received a portion of their order we trust the customer's word, but will verify that the product was indeed part of their order.
  2. In the case of a customer claiming that they did not receive a delivery check for a POD or PIN we will contact the driver if appropriate.
  3. In the case of a customer claiming that their order was received in poor condition (cold, damaged, etc) we will request a photo to verify so that we can claim the order value back from the courier company.

How this compares to marketplaces policies: