Extended Dashboard View on Slerp App

Once accepted or rejected, the order will be visible on your Slerp app dashboard. The order specifics will be found either under the 'Prepare' or 'Completed' tabs, depending on the order's current status.

If you have the 'Extended dashboard view' option disabled, the dashboard will display today's orders only. However, if you enable this option, the dashboard will show orders from yesterday, today, and the first 6 hours of tomorrow.

This allows partners to display missed orders from yesterday, or partners who accept orders after midnight can see those orders before midnight arrives.

The following is the procedure to enable/disable the 'Extended dashboard view' option:

  1. On Slerp App click on 'Account', and 'Settings'.
  2. The option can be found on the 'App Settings' tab.

    Once you set it as you requested, click on 'Save' to apply.