Generate Report

What type of reports can I generate? 

The reporting dashboard is utilized to define report-generation options.

  • Statement:

    • A financial report, spanning a custom range, summarising Order and Fulfillment dates, Order and Fulfillment types, Order locations, references, and various financial breakdowns.
  • Order Summary:

    • A report spanning a custom range detailing orders for that range broken down into specific fields including:
      • Status
      • Store
      • Transaction ID
      • Creation and fulfillment date
      • Charges
      • Customer details
      • Order details
      • Tip Value
  • Reports: 

    • A tab that allows partners to extract their own reports, including:
      • Orders with a fulfillment date that is tomorrow
      • Product Catalog
      • Customers that have opted in

How can I generate a report? 

To access the order report, from the controls page navigate to Orders > Generate Report > Apply filters > Download.