How do deliveries work?

  • Slerp is integrated with Uber, Stuart, Ryde, and Addison Lee, your SlerpSpace will be set up with one or more of these courier partners.
  • Delivery charge - the full courier fee is passed onto your customer. You can create discount codes for your customers to use on the delivery charge, meaning you will be charged for the remainder of the delivery fee.
  • Booking a courier - a courier is booked for an order as soon as you accept the order. Before accepting the order you can change the vehicle (this is important to consider for large orders). You can also book another courier for extremely large orders. Any upgrades to vehicles or extra couriers will be charged to you.
  • Waiting fees - please be advised that if you request a courier to wait, there could be a waiting time fee, and you will be responsible for covering these charges.

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