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How is a vehicle chosen for an order?

You can set your preferred delivery vehicles via your Slerp Controls Dashboard.

1. You can opt to have all your orders delivered via Bike-Motorbike and/or Car-Van..

2. Vehicles can be assigned to an order based on the order's basket value. A high basket value typically indicates larger delivery packaging that may not fit into a bike/motorbike. If you anticipate receiving orders with high basket values, it is strongly recommended that you choose a vehicle type based on the basket value.


Here are the steps to choose a vehicle for an order:

1. Log into Slerp Controls Dashboard and click on the name of your store then click 'Settings'.

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2. Choose the "Delivery" tab.

3. Enable Vehicle Settings for both 'Same Day' orders and 'Pre-orders'.

4. Assign a vehicle type based on order value:

  • Bike: Orders valued between £0 and £50
  • Motorbike: Orders valued between £51 and £100
  • Car/Van: Orders valued above £101

5. Then save.


  • After saving the settings, the system will automatically reserve a courier whose vehicle aligns with your selected preferences.
  • You also have the chance to switch the vehicle prior to accepting a new order.

Note: If you have only one vehicle selected in your settings, the time to find a courier will be longer. We recommend selecting both bicycle and motorbike in your settings to broaden your options, as there are more bicycle and motorbike drivers compared to car drivers..