How to change your Consumer App layout in Controls?

Your Consumer App layout can be changed without the need to request for an App Update. Keep in mind, that these changes may not be instant and require you to reload the app to view them.

Available for versions 4.5.4 onwards

If your app has a version before this, these changes will not be applied.


Changing your Consumer App layout:

1. Go to [App] tab.

2. [Designer] tab.


Changes made on [Designer] tab will auto save


App Designer options:


  • Product View - Makes your Shop page appear in List, Grid, or Block.

  • Show Product Image - On the Shop and Product Page

  • Use logo for stamps - Make stamps as checkmarks or as the image uploaded onto the loyalty card.

  • Card Layout - Vertical is 'traditional' with stamps on the card. Horizontal has stamps in a section below the card.
  • Splash page - If disabled, a list of locations is displayed instead. If enabled, the Splash image uploaded in Designer will be used.