Managing your online orders

Start off your day:

  1. Login to the Slerp app.
  2. Connect the tablet to power.
  3. Turn the media volume on high.
  4. Check your store is open.
  5. Your Slerp App screen must always be on in order to receive sound notifications.

New orders (same-day and pre-orders):

  1. You must accept or reject new orders.
  2. Prepare the order and label it with the order ID and recipient name.

HINT: You can Auto-accept and Auto-print orders. This will speed up the operational process and allow more flexibility in order creation as the staff will not need to monitor the tablet. 

To do so:
Go to Settings > Order Settings > Toggle 'auto-accept' on for Delivery/pickup and Same-day/Pre-orders.

Go to Settings > Order Settings >  Toggle 'auto-print on acceptance' on

Note: If you reject / accept / refund an order, the customer will be informed via email. 

Completing orders

  1. Delivery orders - if your orders as fulfilled via Slerp's courier partners, the status of the orders will automatically update to Completed once the courier has dropped off the order.
  2. Pickup orders - click Pickup complete once the customer has picked up the order. This updates the order status in Slerp, it does not send a notification to the customer.

Managing inventory

  1. When an item is low in stock mark it as sold out. You can do this on the Inventory page in the Slerp app.
  2. When your items return back in stock, mark the item as available.

Managing preparation time

  1. Your preparation time will adjust the ETA displayed to customers. You can change this on the Dashboard in the Slerp app.

Delivery orders - Courier updates and support

  1. Slerp's Courier partners are booked only when you accept orders. The status of the courier is updated in real-time.
  2. Any questions about delivery contact Slerp support.

End of your day

  1. Check all orders are completed.
  2. Your store is set to auto-open and auto-close within your operating hours. You should never close the store.

More questions? Get in touch with us.