Optimizing your menu inventory

Selecting your product lines

When helping your customers order on-demand it is important that you chose a series of product lines that allow customers to select and check out quickly. We find that means providing a simple and easy-to-select product. For example, creating a favorites selection or owner's recommendation is a great way to go live. This allows the customer to choose straight away and from a line that is supported by their peers as opposed to having a depth of single items or in-depth add-ons (modifiers).

As a new merchant, we recommend that you start with the top 10 items which generally account for 80% of your revenue. You can learn how to best go live and market these products and build on that as you go.

Adding clean and crisp images

The more striking and consistent the imagery is across your products, the more likely your customer will order them. If you have any professional images, they generally work best.

Please remember to ensure that they are under 5MB and under 1000 x 1000 pixels. Below you can see an example from Hummingbird Bakery.

For a guide on taking your own product images, click here.