Table Ordering: Customer Experience

Below is a guide to how your on-premises guests will use and experience your Table Ordering storefront. 

Step 1

The guest will scan the QR code at the table or counter with their phone's camera. This will automatically open up a window to your site's Table Ordering storefront.

To Note: The guest shouldn't have to download a QR scanning app. All mobile operating systems (iPhone, Samsung etc.) have enable QR scanning from the camera app. 

Step 2

The guest can then select their table number.

To Note: Make sure table numbers are visually communicated to all guests upon arrival or at table. 

Step 3

The guest can then select the products they want to order.

Tip: We recommend getting the table to order as a whole if they are dining to support the kitchen or individually if they are just ordering drinks and nibbles. 

Step 4

Once the guest has picked their order items they can then head to the cart to checkout and pay. 

To Note: They can choose to checkout with Apple or Google Pay. 

Step 4

The order will be then sent to the Front of House tablet or can be sent automatically to the POS and printed as a ticket to the back of house or bar team using one of our integrations partners.