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Order Types

What are the order types you can offer to your customers?

There are three main order types that can be enabled via your Slerp dashboard:

  1. ASAP (as soon as possible) = If you have a same-day store open, the first option available to the customer will be an ASAP order.
  2. Scheduled (same day) = This order type allows the customer to place their order for pickup or delivery at a scheduled time slot later that same day.
  3. Pre-order (future date) = This order type allows the customer to place an order for a future date. 


Follow the below steps to enable the order types in your Slerp controls dashboard: 

1. Go to Locations and select your Location.

2. Click on Settings to manage your store's opening hours, users and order types here.

3. Select the SAME DAY ORDERS tab.

4. Toggle on ASAP and Scheduled Orders

5. Save.