Placing the Slerp Link on Your Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this guide to ensure your customers can conveniently place orders through the Slerp platform.

If you're using Slerp to streamline your restaurant or takeaway's online ordering process, it's crucial to make the ordering link easily accessible on your website. 

Step 1: Obtain Your Slerp Ordering Link

Your Slerp Ordering Link is unique to your business and will lead customers directly to your online ordering page. For example:

Step 2: Placing the Slerp Link on your website

You can integrate the Slerp Ordering Link on your website by inserting it within an A-Tag in the relevant locations. An A-Tag, or anchor tag, is an HTML element used to create hyperlinks on a webpage. It allows you to turn text or images into clickable links that direct users to a specific URL.

If you're not familiar with HTML and website development, don't worry – your web developer or a member of the Slerp team can assist you with this.

Step 3: Designing the Button

The button that contains your Slerp Ordering Link should be visually appealing and easy to spot. Consider the following design recommendations:

  • Text: Use clear and concise text on the button. "ORDER NOW," "ORDER DELIVERY".
  • Color: Choose a high-contrast color that stands out against your website's background. This helps draw attention to the button.
  • Visibility: Ensure the button is prominently displayed on the page. It should be easily noticeable and accessible without requiring users to scroll or search.

Step 4: Placing the Button

For optimal results, strategically position the "Order Now" button on your website. Here are some recommended locations:

  1. Main Menu: Ideally, have a sticky main menu at the top of your webpage. Integrate the button here for consistent visibility.
  2. Mobile and Desktop: Ensure the button appears on both mobile and desktop versions of your website, as user experiences may vary between devices.
  3. Homepage: Place the button prominently in the center of your homepage, above the fold. This location immediately captures visitors' attention.
  4. Location Pages: If you have multiple location-specific pages, include an "Order Now" link on each of them.
  5. Google My Business: Enhance your Google My Business listings by adding the ordering link. This allows customers to order directly when finding your business on Google.
  6. Relevant Pages: Consider adding the link to pages like "Contact Us," particularly if you want to promote catering orders, as well as on menu pages for easy access.

By strategically placing the Slerp Ordering Link and designing a visually appealing button, you can enhance the user experience and encourage more customers to place orders through your Slerp platform. Remember that your web developer or the Slerp team can assist you in the technical implementation if needed.