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Pre-Order Inventory

How does the pre-order inventory work? 

  1. Your pre-order inventory settings list all published products.
  2. Turn on items for your customers to pre-order
  • The items in this inventory will be available to customers who choose to place an order for a future date.

Note: Your pre-order inventory is completely independent of inventories of your same-day stores.

How do I access my pre-order inventory? 

  • From your Admin Dashboard navigate to Locations >  select the Pre-Order store > Inventory > Pre-Orders
  • From this view, you can access various settings, such as stock counts, and daily resets as well as Edit Inventory to allow for inventory management.



Functions available on the Pre-Orders Inventory page:

  • Sort between Product Variants and Modifiers
  • Choose Product Categories:
  • Adjust whether product stock counts Reset Automatically:

  • Mark products In Stock or Out Of Stock

  • Edit Pre-Order Inventory Items

Note: Hit Save Changes when amending the Pre-Order Inventory items