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Selecting suitable packaging

An essential part of providing a premium service is ensuring the customer receives their delivery or pickup as they expect. Having appropriate packaging is a vital link to this process.

If your product is food, maintaining a certain temperature, as well as how the food looks is really important. If your items are additionally fragile or can leak, you will need to ensure the packaging is fit for purpose - this can take some trial and error but is worth the investment of time to ensure you are matching your needs with the appropriate packaging. We recommend testing your food in packaging for 10 minutes to see what it looks like. Giving a gentle tilt or shake to see how it looks is practical if you are considering delivery.

And finally, don’t forget about the cutlery. Ensure your customers have the tools they need to enjoy your food!

If you are retailing a non-food product, fragility is still a concern where suitable packaging is important. You’ll want to have a process in place to ensure every customer is getting that premium experience that best represents your brand.

Can you recommend any packaging suppliers?

We like to act with a conscience and consider our impact. We believe your customers will have this same mindset and appreciate any effort to use sustainable packaging too. We recommend using eco-friendly packaging where possible. Here are some suppliers that offer such services:

And for bespoke branded options, we recommend contacting Chris at Promo Catering who may be able to help:

Chris Cooper, Operations Manager
cooper@promocatering.co.uk , https://www.promocatering.co.uk/