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Setting cut-off times for Pre-orders

How do cutoff schedules work?

  1. Turn on the days that you will fulfill pre-orders.
  2. Then set a time that the customer must place the order by to get it for that day.

For example, you turn on Friday and set a cutoff time of 3 days before at 3.00 pm. This means that before Tuesday 3.00 pm, customers can select Friday to have their pre-order, after this time Friday will no longer be available.

To enable Cut-off times:

Click Locations from the dashboard in the side navigation bar

Select a location you want to access pre-orders and click on the Settings button

Click on the Pre-Orders tab to access the Pre-order Settings and click the Cut-off Times tab

Default Cut-off times will be set to 11:59 pm of the previous day (1 day before). 


You can also set the Pre-order time period on the same page, by clicking the drop-down menu to select Days/Weeks/Months/Years in advance that pre-orders can be set. For example: If 1 year is selected, you will be able to place an order for any date up to a year in the future from the current date