In order to generate a statement, from the controls page navigate to Orders > Generate Report > Ensure Statements is selected and select Export:

A breakdown of the Statement Categories in Sheet 1 (Statement) is as follows:

Statement Period:

Fees and transactions summary:

Completed orders breakdown:

Fully Refunded or Rejected orders breakdown:

Partially Refunded orders breakdown:

Subheader breakdown:

Date the order was placed:

Expected fulfillment date:

Store ordered from:

Fulfillment Type:

Scheduled or Same Day / ASAP order:

Order Status:

Slerp order reference:

Further order financial details: 

  1. Gross transaction value (before refunds) 
  2. Gross Transaction value (after refunds)
  3. Product total
  4. Product VAT component
  5. Product discount applied
  6. Product total after discounts (GMV)**

  1. Gifting charge
  2. Additional store fee
  3.  Tips 
  4.  Refunds 
  5.  (A) Slerp Courier Partner Quoted Courier Fee Including Vat 
  6.  VAT component of Slerp Courier Partner Quoted Courier Fee 
  7.  Self-delivery Fee / Self-organised Fee including VAT 
  8.  VAT component of Self-delivery / Self-organised fee 
  9.  Delivery fees (charged to customer) pre-discount applied 
  10.  Delivery Subsidisation (charged to partner) pre-discount applied 

  1. Discount code
  2.  Delivery fee discount applied 
  3. Tiered Delivery pricing percent %
  4.  Tiered Delivery actual 
  5.  Delivery fees (charged to customer) post-discount applied 
  6.  Delivery Subsidisation (charged to partner) post-discount applied 
  7.  (B) Slerp Commission including VAT 
  8.  VAT component of Slerp Commission 
  9.  (C) Payment fee 
  10. Total Captured by Slerp (A) + (B) + (C)

  1. Notes
  2. Courier reference
  3. Stripe payment reference
  4. Stripe Balance transaction (Id)
  5. Courier Type