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Truspilot Automated Feedback Service

Truspilot Automated Feedback Service allows you to send an email to your customer after they’ve completed a purchase and collect their reviews automatically. 

It is one of the fastest ways to build your Google Seller Ratings and stand out on Google Search. Read this article to learn more about how to do this.

Sign Up for Trustpilot here. The Automated Feedback Service is included in their Free plan.

How to set it up

1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Get reviews > Invitation methods > Trustpilot Automatic Invitations (AFS).

2. You’ll see your unique Trustpilot email address. You can copy it by clicking Copy email address. 

Please note: you need to copy the final 10 digits of the address followed by the domain, e.g 52bxxxx93e@invite.trustpilot.com

3. Now you need to log into Slerp via https://controls.slerp.com/ 

4. Go to settings

5. Click on Marketing and Analytics 

6. Find the field Trustpilot Settings and paste the Trustpilot email address
(e.g. 52bxxxx93e@invite.trustpilot.com)

7. Save.


The Trustpilot email address you pasted will act as a BCC recipient on the transactional email triggered automatically when a customer has completed a purchase in Slerp. 

To check that your setup is working correctly, visit your invitation status page. From there, you can view scheduled and sent review invitations. If you can see invitations being created from recent transactions, that means you’ve set it up properly!

You can also check out the following articles to learn how to customize your invitation settings and timing.