Uploading Images

Your online store is designed to display your images on any screen size. We have listed recommendations to format your images before uploading them to your SlerpSpace.

Image requirements 

File types

Images need to be saved as a .png file.

File size

We recommend uploading files less than 500 KB, as large images can take a while to load. The file size limit is 5MB


The resolution affects the quality of your images. The resolution limit is 72 pixels/inch. Images with larger resolutions can impact loading time.


Logo - minimum height required 128 pixels

Splash image - 1156 x 990 pixels

Banner image - 2213 x 566 pixels

Product image - 1024 x 1024 pixels

Editing image files

Here are some tips on how to edit your image files to be ready to upload to your SlerpSpace.

Mac - open the image file in Preview. Click Tools > Adjust size. 

PC - open the image file in Paint. Click Resize.

Online - Optimizilla is great for file compression.

Are you taking your own pictures of your products? See a guide to taking product photos here.