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Verify your Meta Domain Before Setting up Instagram Shopping

In order to set up Instagram Shopping, you need to verify your domain first. Please follow the simple steps below: 

  1. Go to 'Facebook Business Manager '
  2. Navigate to 'Business Settings
  3. Click on the sub-setting 'Brand Safety > Domains'
  4. Add a domain at the top
  5. Type in your Slerpspace domain: 'abc.slerp.com'
  6. Click 'Add Domain'
  7. On the right-hand side when having that domain selected, click on the tab called 'Meta-tag Verification'
  8. As seen in the below screenshot, find the first step 1.Copy this meta-tag starting with
    "<meta ...."   
  9. Now copy the content value from the meta tag
    e.g. the meta tag is "<meta name='facebook-domain verification' content='uk52z456g9hqwe03pqw14g4klw1rw6' />" copy only the final part  uk52z456g9hqwe03pqw14g4klw1rw6 in the field.

    Please note: Do not hit verify domain yet !!!

  10. Log into your Slerp controls via https://controls.slerp.com/
  11. Go to Settings > Marketing and Analytics > Facebook Business Settings (Domain Verification)
  12. Paste the meta tag (e.g. uk52z456g9hqwe03pqw14g4klw1rw6 ) you previously copied in the Facebook Business Settings (Domain Verification) field. 
  13. Hit SAVE in Slerp!!!
  14. Go back to the Facebook Business Manager website and hit 'Verify Domain' now.image (7)