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Canceling a Courier

Cancel a courier before it has been assigned to the order through the Slerp Controls Dashboard or the Slerp App Dashboard.

You may cancel the courier through Slerp Controls without canceling the order, however, courier cancellation via Slerp App will only be possible by fully refunding it through the Slerp App, the system will automatically cancel the courier booking, provided that no driver has been assigned yet.

To cancel/refund through the Slerp App, you may refer to this help centre article: Processing a refund.

To cancel a courier through Slerp Controls Dashboard:

1. Log in to your Slerp Controls dashboard.

2. Go to the side navigation bar and select 'Order'


3.  Go to the search bar and type the order number that needs cancelling. Then click on the order number:

2023-12-02 09_34_47-Slerp Controls

4. The order information will appear. Click on 'Delivery' then click on 'Cancel Delivery', then click on 'Yes'.

2023-12-02 09_35_51-Slerp Controls

You should see this once it's cancelled.

2023-12-02 09_38_05-Slerp Controls

Cancellations within 2 minutes:

If you cancel the courier within 2 minutes after a driver has been assigned, the Slerp order is still active, but the driver is canceled and notified. There will be no charge associated with this cancellation.

Cancellations after 2 minutes:

If you cancel an order 2 minutes or more after a driver has been assigned, you will be charged a penalty. The value of the penalty is the minimum delivery charge for the vehicle type requested. The driver will be notified and paid.

To contest an unfairly charged cancellation penalty, please contact Support via the Live Chat or fill out this form to raise a dispute . Please provide the job number, the reason you feel you have been unfairly charged along with any supporting evidence you can include. The Slerp Support Staff will then investigate the issue and provide you with a response.