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How to refund an order on the Controls Dashboard?

Sometimes there may be a situation in which you would need to process a refund to a customer. 

Step: Look at the left navigation menu and select your view.

💡Admin users have access to all settings and orders, while Store users have limited access and can only view orders for that specific store.

Are you currently logged in as an Admin user or a Store user?


Based on your dashboard view, follow the steps below. 

Please click here to follow a live tutorial.

How to process a refund as an ADMIN  user on Controls Dashboard

  1. Go onto your ‘Orders’ from your Slerp Controls Dashboard
  2. Select the order you wish to process a refund for and click [Refund]
  3. The system will have the default full amount entered, however, if you are only doing a partial refund (e.g. 1x Out of Stock product needs to be refunded), then you may simply type in the amount you need to refund.
  4. Hit [Refund] to submit. 

How to process a refund as a STORE user on Controls Dashboard

The store staff can also refund an order on their end, they need to use the store login credentials on the store's Controls Dashboard.

1. Go to Locations (second icon in the left navigation menu).

2. Filter the Status of the order. The system will show the Pending Orders by default. You need to select Accepted or Fulfilled to find the order.  

3. Select the Fulfillment Date of the order via the calendar picker.

4. Once you find the order, click on the order ID to select it. 

5. Hit Refund and enter the value.  Submit it. 


  • The customer will be sent an email to notify them that a refund has been made on their order.
  • Kindly note that it may take 5 to 10 days for refunds to be reflected on the customer's statement.
  • Please be very careful in processing a refund, since the system does not keep the payment details for security reasons, refund processing is simply reversing the customer's original charge, therefore, we are unable to charge the order again or reverse a refund processed.

For the procedure to refund on the Slerp Application, the How to refund an order on the Slerp app? article can be referred to.