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How to use Activity Mode

Each of your same-day stores has its own preparation time settings, in Activity Mode

You can set times to reflect your store's preparation time when they are quiet, moderate, and busy. The store team can then change these to reflect their busyness throughout the day on the Slerp app.

Here are steps to access Activity Mode to change the preparation time settings. 

Please click here to follow a live tutorial.

1. Log in to controls.slerp.com using your admin account

2. On the navigation menu select Locations

3. Select a location and go to Settings  > Same Day Orders > Preparation Time

4. By adjusting the Quiet, Moderate, and Busy sliders you can increase or decrease the time required to prepare a meal for each level of busyness. IE: when you're set to Busy mode, your customers will not be able to place an order for fulfillment within 30minutes of the current time.
This will prevent customers placing immediate orders when your kitchen is very busy.

5. Hit Save!

The busyness of your location can also impact the speed at which delivery orders can be prepared and delivered. In order to prevent a knock-on effect, you can configure Slerp so that it will automatically reduce your delivery radius while the location is set to Busy. You can read more about this in the following article: Busy Delivery Mode

Tablet users cannot change the minutes length of Activity Mode but they can switch between modes as required.