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Custom Delivery Radius

You can create your own custom radius for delivery within each location. By accessing your location settings, you can set the custom delivery radius for same day orders and pre-orders. 

  • From the Slerp Controls Administration Page select Locations from the left-hand navigation pane and choose your location:
  • Navigate to the Store Settings at the top right of the page:
  • Browse to the Same Day Orders or Pre-Orders tab and choose Delivery:
  • Scroll down to Delivery Zone and coose "Draw My Own"
  • You can then drag the individual points to create your area:
  • Click Save to confirm the change:


  • More control and customisation when setting a delivery area
  • Ability to cut out any areas with precision, which you do not want to deliver to


When busy, you can apply a "Busy" delivery radius which will shrink your radius and make it more focused.  

Simply do this by toggling it on in your Same-Day Delivery settings.


Our support team will also be happy to assist you with setting up your custom delivery radius should you have a more complex requirement.