Delivery Pricing by Basket Value

Delivery pricing by basket value is a tiered reduction in delivery fees based on the net value of items being ordered. This feature will enable you to set multiple basket value thresholds that will trigger a reduction in delivery pricing. For example, spend £10 and get 50% off delivery and spend £30 to get 100% off delivery. 

The feature needs to be configured for Same-day and Pre-Orders separately for each location as those have different delivery settings. Below, you'll find the procedure to configure it for Same-Day orders.

  1. Loging to Slerp Controls Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the 'Locations' tab and choose the store that you want to configure by clicking on it.
  3. Click on 'Settings'
  4. Navigate to the 'Same Day Orders' and 'Delivery' tabs.
  5. When scrolling down, you will find the 'Delivery pricing by basket value' option. Click on     '+ Create New' to create delivery pricing rules as you requested.

    Once you clicked on the '+ Create New', you will have 3 fields to fill for each rule. Once you completed the first rule you can add more as you requested.
    1. From:  The lower limit for this delivery pricing band.
    2. To:  The upper limit for this delivery pricing band.
    3. Discount: The Discount percentage that will be applied to this delivery pricing band.
The following is an example of how customers will experience the delivery discount on their cart.