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Delivery with Addison Lee - FAQs

What is Addison Lee? 

Addison Lee is a last-mile courier company integrated with Slerp. They are the primary courier partner for car and van delivery in Central London. Addison Lee vehicles can deliver items up to 700kg, 4′ (1.2m) wide × 5′ 9 (1.5m) long × 3′ (0.91m) high and comfortably fit up to 40 A4 boxes. 

What courier services can Addison Lee offer?

Standard service is a multi-drop service, where a driver/courier can be allocated other work whilst on route with an existing delivery.

Priority service, the driver/courier may have been scheduled to make multiple collections but once your package is on board, every effort is made to ensure your item is delivered as quickly as possible. 

Please note that your Slerp orders will be booked only with Addison Lee Priority Service.

What does Priority service mean? 

With this service, the driver will not be auto-allocated more than three jobs per vehicle on route, so that the food parcel can be collected quickly and delivered efficiently, no matter its size. Once a priority job is accepted by Addison Lee, the driver cannot be auto-allocated to another job even if they have no job or only one job at hand when the priority job comes in. 

Can I specify a delivery window to deliver my items?

Unfortunately,  Addison Lee is not able to guarantee a time frame in which a delivery will be made and will not provide a reimbursement when the order is delivered after the 1-hour delivery window. However, the courier will do its best to get the items delivered within the time slot selected. The drop-off is normally within an hour from the pickup time.  

How do I know when the order has been delivered?

Once a delivery has been completed, the Addison Lee driver will request the customer for his signature as Poof of Delivery. Please reach out to us via support@slerp.com if you'd like to view the POD for a specific order.

I need to cancel or edit the delivery. Is there a cancellation fee?

A job may be cancelled for the provision of Courier Services without charge if the Addison Lee Driver has not yet been allocated to the Job. Addison Lee driver is generally assigned to a scheduled job 20 minutes before PU.

If there needs to be a change to the collection address or you cancel before the driver has been allocated, there will be no cancellation fee.

What is the cancellation fee for a courier service?

The cancellation fee will be dependent on the proximity of the courier services vehicle to the collection address and the available courier services vehicle at the time of the cancellation request, the cancellation fee can be up to a maximum total of 100% of the quoted booking charge excluding any additional charges such as waiting time fee and parking fee. 

Is the cancellation fee for a Priority service the same as a Standard service?

Yes, the cancellation fee is the same.

I cancelled my courier booking and incurred a cancellation fee, why?

If a driver has been allocated to your booking and it is cancelled, a cancellation fee will apply. 

The order was damaged or lost in transit. What is the refund procedure?

Once a Job has been Accepted by Addison Lee and the item has been picked up, if the item is damaged, lost or stolen in transit, Slerp will submit a query to Addison Lee. Addison Lee will review the case and provide feedback to Slerp. If agreed between Addison Lee and Slerp that compensation is due for the Job this will be up to the amounts defined in the table below: 

How are prices calculated?

Addison Lee operates a fixed postcode-to-postcode pricing structure. This is based on a booking fee and a distance-based unit rate taken from their database. Addison Lee's final pricing also includes VAT and fuel surcharges. 

Does Addison Lee charge for car parking?

If the Addison Lee driver is required to park the vehicle in a pay-and-display car park, they will pay the full parking charges, which they then add as an additional charge to the price of your delivery booking.

What are the waiting time charges? 

  • Addison Lee will invoice for Waiting Time incurred on any Job. Waiting Time fees accrue per minute after Grace time.
    • Grace Time: Each Job shall have 10 minutes inclusive waiting time ("Courier Inclusive Waiting Time") for each Booking. Waiting time fees shall be charged from the 11th minute onwards from the PU. 
    • When a Driver arrives before the scheduled Pick-up time, no Waiting Time fees accrue.


If the driver arrives before the PU, the clock starts ticking at the PU and the grace time would apply from the PU. For example, PU is 2.00pm, driver arrives at 1.50pm, clock starts ticking at 2.00pm, grace time ends at 2.10pm, waiting time will be charged from 2.11pm.

If the driver arrives after the PU, the clock starts ticking the time the driver arrives and the grace time would apply from the time driver arrives. For example, PU is 2.00pm, driver arrives at 2.10pm, clock starts ticking at 2.10pm, grace time ends at 2.20pm, waiting time will be charged from 2.21pm.

Please note: Waiting time can be accrued at the DO address also and is calculated in aggregate, see below scenarios:

Example 1

Waiting at PU - 5 mins

Waiting at DO - 5mins

Total Waiting Time = 10mins

Charges - no charge as within the 10 mins inclusive/grace-period

Example 2

Waiting at PU - 7 mins

Waiting at DO - 3 mins

Total Waiting Time = 10mins

Charges - no charge as within the 10 mins inclusive/grace-period

Example 3

Waiting at PU - 10 mins

Waiting at DO - 2 mins

Total Waiting Time = 12 mins

Charges - 2 mins Waiting Time charge

The defined Grace Times and Late / Waiting Time fees are in the table below:

The customer was absent. What is the procedure?

In case of an absent end-customer, the driver will contact the customer on the phone number provided in the Job details. If no answer, the driver will contact Slerp.

Slerp will get in touch with the store who will advise the option to deliver in a safe place or return to the merchant. In case of an unresponsive Merchant, the driver will endeavour to return the parcel to the pick-up location.

In case of a return, the Addison Lee charge will be double the original delivery fee and any waiting time accrued. 

More information on delivery pricing can be found here. If you have any further questions, please contact support or speak to your account manager.