Loyalty FAQs

  1. How does a customer earn points or stamps?
    On the web: by making a purchase of a qualifying product or amount
    On the app: by making a purchase of a qualifying product or amount, or by scanning a QR code if they are placing an order offline
  2. How many loyalty cards can a partner have?
    There is no limit to the number of loyalty cards that a partner can have. However, we have found that more than 1 or 2 can be more confusing to the customer than beneficial.
  3. Can we do “clubcard or air-miles” style schemes?
    No. While these tiered models work well for large companies such as airlines, they are generally not suitable for smaller businesses. Cards that allow customers to climb and be rewarded once they reach the top work considerably better.
  4. Can users collect tokens to spend like £?
    No, rewards are based on vouchers for either a free item, a % off, or a £ amount off. 
  5. Can I see who’s collected the most stamps or points?
    Yes a wide range of data is in Controls (controls.slerp.com)
  6. How flexible is it?
    Extremely, rewards can be based on £ or % value, specific products. Points/stamps can be time-limited, unlimited, or based on a variety of factors.
  7. I have an existing system/tool can I transfer the data?
    Yes, provided a CSV or JSON export is available.
  8. Do customers have to be logged in to collect loyalty points?
  9. What happens if a customer redeems a reward online and the order is rejected?
    The reward is restored to be used next time automatically
  10. Can I give customers stamps manually in Controls?
    Yes, via the + button in the Customer tab.
  11. If a customer has a £ based card: eg earn £1 for each £ spent and a coffee card eg: buy 9 get the 10th free, what happens when they buy a coffee for £3?
    They will get 3 stamps for the £ based card and 1 stamp for the coffee card, so this type of setup should probably be avoided in most cases
    There is currently no way to limit the £ based rewards to certain products only.
  12. Can I set an expiration date for Loyalty rewards?
    Loyalty Rewards Expiration is a feature that allows to set an expiration on a specific rewards. You may refer to this link for the steps: (Loyalty Rewards Expiration)
  13. Can I set a time for QR codes to refresh automatically? 
    Time-to-live QR codes or TTL QR codes is a feature that allows QR codes to be refreshed on a set time limit to avoid fraud. You may refer to this link for the steps: (Collecting Points/Stamps Offline)