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Managing Deliveries During Rush Hours or When There's an Adverse Weather Conditions

Delivering orders/s to your customers helps to increase the sales of a store, however, at times, we cannot avoid some issues or incidents in deliveries. We often experience delays especially during rush hour or with weather conditions within your area.

These challenges are opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your customers and showcase your store's unwavering dedication to their satisfaction. Despite the occasional hiccups, your store can leverage these situations to create a positive and lasting impression, portraying a resilient and customer-centric image.

To proactively address potential delays during rush hours or adverse weather conditions, we recommend implementing the following strategies:

Welcome Message Communication
1.  Display a prominent message on your ordering page's Welcome Message section, informing customers about potential delays attributed to traffic or adverse weather conditions in your area. This proactive communication sets realistic expectations and demonstrates transparency.

Adjustment of Preparation Time
2.  Consider adjusting the Preparation Time when transitioning the Store Activity Mode from Quiet to Busy. This modification allows for a more realistic estimation of order preparation, preventing undue pressure during peak periods.

Customer Communication
3.  In the event of a delay, proactively reach out to the customer by phone to provide details and updates regarding the status of their delivery. This personalized communication not only demonstrates your store's commitment but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Temporary Suspension of Delivery Option
4.  As a last resort during extreme weather conditions, consider temporarily turning off the store's delivery option to prevent incoming delivery orders. This cautious measure ensures the safety of both drivers and the timely and secure delivery of orders when conditions improve.

It is crucial to recognize that the primary responsibility of our courier partners is the health and safety of their drivers. There may be rare instances when they temporarily suspend bookings to prioritize driver safety.