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Managing orders during couriers' peak hours

Couriers are usually in high demand during poor weather conditions and peak times. This means it may take longer to find a courier to deliver your orders. 

Important to note
Currently, Friday-Sunday, 6pm-8pm are extremely busy across all courier companies. Couriers have advised that you reduce your delivery radius to at least 2.5 miles. 

Please note that orders are at risk of going cold or being delayed if you have a radius larger than this during this period.

What should I do during peak times? Here are some recommendations which aim to reduce delays in deliveries during peak times, and keep your customers happy. 

- Reduce your delivery radius to 2.5 miles - couriers are more likely to take a job with a shorter distance

- Increase your preparation time to 1-2 hours - this will manage your customer's expectations 

- Call your customers - when you notice an order hasn't been picked up yet, call the customer to be transparent and manage their expectations 

- Turn off delivery - you can always turn off the delivery option and leave pickup on