Publish menu products live

You may wonder after creating a new product, why your product is not showing up on your front end, or why your products are not showing to your customers? It may need to be published on your live store inventory.

How to publish a product:

  1. Log in to your Slerp Controls Dashboard
  2. Go to Locations, and select the store to edit.
  3. Hit the Inventory tab.
  4. Depending on if you'd like the product to appear on your Same Day, Pre-Orders, or both, select Edit Inventory. Make sure that you are on the correct inventory tab as both same-day and pre-orders have independent inventory settings. This proves very helpful when you have products that require advance notice to prepare and cannot be offered for same-day. 
  5. Tick the product you'd like to go live, then hit Save Changes.

NOTE: Repeat the steps if you need the same product to be live on both Same Day and Pre-Orders Inventory.