Slerp Pay

What is Slerp Pay?

Your Slerp order payments will continue to be processed by Stripe, but we have developed Slerp Pay to help you increase margins and reduce card processing costs. 

As of 10 April 2023, Stripe will increase its fees for card processing and disputes across the board, due to increases in bank network costs and other underlying service costs. For other information on Stripe fees for standard Stripe accounts, please visit the help page here

Thanks to the volume of transactions Slerp provides to Stripe, we have been able to negotiate a preferential transaction rate. 

For the majority of cards such as UK Standard Cards, the rate via Slerp Pay is 1.3% + 20p, while the standard stripe account rate is 1.5% + 20p, a saving of over 13%.

This means you have the opportunity to actually save money via Slerp Pay, rather than absorb all the Stripe price increases.

To set up Slerp Pay, you will need: 

  • (1) The email address and (2) the password you initially set to create your Stripe account via
    • If you have forgotten your Stripe password, you can reset it here .
  • (3) Access to the phone number used to complete the registration on Stripe to complete two-factor authentication if applicable.

Connect to Slerp Pay:

  1. Log into your Slerp Controls dashboard via
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on the Payment Methods tab.
  4. Click on Reconnect under Payment Solution.
  5. Enter your Stripe email address and hit Continue so you can be redirected to your Stripe account. 
  6. Verify your Stripe details by hitting Submit.

How do I know if my Slerp account is connected to 
a standard Stripe account or Slerp Pay? 

  1. When connected to a standard Stripe account, you'll see under Payment Solution that "Your Stripe account is connected successfully" (see screenshot 1).
  2. When connected to Slerp Pay, you'll be able to see under Payment Solution that "Your Slerp Pay account is connected successfully" (see screenshot 2).                       

Connected as a standard Stripe account (screenshot 1)

Connected as Slerp Pay  (screenshot 2)



  • How are my funds sent to my bank account?

A payout occurs each time funds are sent to your bank account. Whether you are on standard Stripe or Slerp Pay, your payouts will continue to be processed automatically within Stripe. 

Payout Volume is the amount of funds sent to your bank. 

Payout Transfer Frequency indicates how often Stripe sends money to your bank account. 

For each payout transfer, Stripe charges a processing fee.

  • What is the difference between Stripe payouts and Slerp Pay payouts? 



Slerp Pay

When is my payout scheduled?

If you are on standard Stripe, you can decide your payout transfer frequency via your Stripe account settings.

If you are on Slerp Pay, the payout transfer frequency will be automatically defaulted to weekly and cannot be changed.

How much is the payout fee? 

You will be charged a payout processing fee directly by Stripe.  

Slerp covers the payout transfer fees.


  • What happens if a customer initiates a payment dispute?

A dispute (also called a chargeback) occurs when a customer (cardholder) disputes the payment with the card company.

To process a chargeback, the card issuer creates a formal dispute on the card network, which reverses the payment immediately, taking the money for the payment (and one or more network dispute fees) from Stripe. 

Next, Stripe charges the disputed payment amount and a £15 dispute fee. This fee will be collected by Slerp via the registered card in your Slerp account. For more info on how to update your registered credit card, please visit the help page regarding the Payment Methods here.

  • Where can I see my disputes and payouts? 

You will be able to see your disputes and payouts in your Slerp controls dashboard or by logging into your Stripe account dashboard.  

  1. Log into your Slerp Controls dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on the Accounts and Billing tab.
  4. View your disputed payments and refunds under the Payments tab. 
  5. View your payouts under the Payouts tab.

  • How can I visit my Stripe dashboard? 
  1. Log into your Slerp Controls dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on the Payment Methods tab.
  4. Click on View Dashboard under Payments Solution to be redirected to your Stripe dashboard.

Please note: This help page provides more details on the notice we sent, which describes certain fare changes from Stripe. This is a legal notice sent to Slerp partners regarding stripe, including those who have unsubscribed from marketing communications. It is not possible to unsubscribe from the legal notices. Your continued use of the Slerp services after April 10, 2023 is subject to these fee changes. Your contractual termination rights will not be affected by this change.