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Understanding Inventories

Product library = This is the full list of all active and archived products.

You can access your product library by logging into your controls dashboard and selecting Products in the side navigation menu.

Unique Inventory per location = This is a list of all live products in a specific location.

Here you can:

  • Update live inventory (choose what Products/Modifiers you want to display in your online shop for your customers)
  • Manage Stock counts
  • Mark products in/out of stock

To access a location's inventory:

  1. Click on Locations in the side navigation menu.
  2. Select the location. 
  3. Click on the Inventory tab.

Update Live inventory = Each location has its own inventory for same-day and pre-orders, where you can display different menu products. 

To choose what products you'd like to display for a same-day or pre-order menu:

  1. Select Same Day tab or Pre Orders tab. 
  2. Click on Edit Inventory.
  3. Toggle on the Products that you want to display in the menu.
  4. Toggle off the Product that you want to remove from the menu.
  5. Scroll to the top and click Save.

Note: Your pre-order inventory is independent of your same-day location inventories. Toggling on a product in a same-day inventory will not update the same product in the pre-order inventory.

Mark products in/out of stock = Throughout the day, you can update your menu products as in/out of stock based on your stock availability by toggling the "in stock" button off. 

If you wish to mark an item out of stock temporarily, click on the Snooze button and the item will be showing as "sold out" to your customers for the rest of the day. That product will automatically reset as "in stock" when you re-open your store the next day

Note: During the service, you can manage the stock availability via your tablet. Learn how to update your menu availability via your tablet here.

Stock Counts = The stock count feature allows you to assign a stock count to any product. If assigned a stock count of 10, once that product has been purchased 10 times, it would mark itself "out of stock" and no more customers would be able to buy that product.

This feature makes sure customers do not buy products that are not in stock. 

Please click here to follow a live tutorial.

Stock counts for SAME DAY INVENTORY are capable of resetting:

  1. Manually (You manually adjust the stock counts)
  2. Daily (stock counts reset on a daily basis)
  3. Weekly Monday - Friday (stock counts reset on a weekly basis)
  4. Disable (turn off stock counts)

Stock counts for PRE-ORDERS INVENTORY are capable of resetting:

  1. Daily (stock counts reset on a daily basis)
  2. Disable (turn off stock counts)
  3. Please note: the other options will appear grayed out and can not be used.