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Who will deliver your orders?

Deliveries can be handled by:

  1. Managed Delivery (Uber, Stuart, Ryde, Addison Lee)
  2. Others (Own fleet or 3rd party logistics)

To get to this setting:

  1. Click Locations from the dashboard in the side navigation bar
  2. Select a location 
  3. Click on the Settings button
  4. Click on the SAME DAY ORDERS or  PRE-ORDERS tab to access the Delivery settings
  5. Enable Delivery
  6. The courier setting will appear as below:

Image of settings

Managed Delivery Partners

  • Deliveries are handled by Uber, Stuart, Ryde, or Addison Lee through an automatic integration. As soon as you accept the order, the delivery request is sent to one of the couriers. A rider will come and collect the package at your store and deliver it to the end customer. 
  • The delivery fee paid at Checkout goes to the Courier Partners for their delivery service.

To learn more about Courier Partners delivery fees for Last mile deliveries, please check the info here

My Own Drivers

  • Select this option if you want to handle deliveries yourself
    • You are using your own fleet of vehicles and drivers
    • You want to use a different courier partner 
  • In this case, the delivery fee paid by the end customer at Checkout goes to you (the partner) who will be responsible for paying your own fleet or couriers.