Duplicating Products

Duplicating a product

  1. Go to your Slerp Controls Administration Page and select Products from the left hand menu pane.
  2. Search for the product by name or sku or select it from the individual category directly.
  3. Click on the Duplicate button to create a "copy".
  4. Select the new "product copy" to add a new product name, amend the SKU or link it to a new category.
  5. Hit Update Product!

Post Duplication Considerations:

Once a product has been duplicated, most of the essential fields and properties are duplicated, however, Product Variants will need to be recreated for the product, along with their associated Variant Prices.

Additionally, any of the original product's attached Product Modifiers will need to be reattached to the duplicated product. 

Finally, simply duplicating a product does not add the product to your Stores Inventories. For more information regarding adding products to store inventories, you can refer to the following articles: