Exclusive Functionality on Loyalty Cards

The exclusive functionality of loyalty cards empowers partners to offer tailored benefits to specific customers. This feature ensures that certain customers receive specialized discounts or rewards without making these incentives accessible to the general customer base. Enabling exclusive functionality on a loyalty card restricts its availability solely to the chosen customers.

How to enable Exclusive Functionality and bulk upload customer list?

Below, you can find the procedure to configure exclusive functionality on loyalty cards.

  1. Login to the Slerp Controls Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the 'Loyalty' tab, then click on 'Your Cards'.
  3. At this point, you can consider creating a new loyalty card or editing an existing one to enable exclusive functionality on it.
    - To create a new loyalty card, you can refer to the Creating a Loyalty Card article.
    - To edit an existing loyalty card, you can simply click on the name of the card.
  4. In each case, the exclusive functionality can be configured on the 'Exclusive Functionality' tab on the 'Create/edit Loyalty Card' window.

    To enable the exclusive functionality on the card simply toggle the "Make this card exclusive" switch on. 
  5. Here, you'll have the option to bulk upload the user accounts that will benefit from this loyalty card. By using the link seen on the screen, you can download a template file and edit it to include corresponding customer email addresses. To view the list of your existing customers, you can refer to the 'Accessing the Customers and Guests panel' section of the Customers and Guests article.

    The sample file is simply a csv file with the email address in each row.
  6. Once you updated the file with the email addresses of the customers that will benefit from the card, you can upload it using the "+ Upload" button.
  7. Once it is uploaded, list of customers will be displayed on the same window

     If you agree with the customer list, click on 'Save' to keep the changes you applied.
  8. By using the delete icon next to each customer, as seen on the above screenshot, you can remove the customer from the list. This way the customer will no longer be able to accrue points on the loyalty card, but will still be able to see the card within his/her account to redeem any rewards previously owned.

How to edit customer accounts individually to add/remove to/from exclusive loyalty cards?

While you can use the above procedure to upload the list of customer in bulk, you can also update each customer account individually to add/remove them on any exclusive loyalty card. Below, you can find the procedure.

  1. Navigate to the 'Customers' tab then click on the 'Exclusivity Settings' icon next to the customer for which you want to enable/disable loyalty card.
  2. On the 'Configure exclusive loyalty card' pop-up window, you'll have the option to add/remove loyalty cards that the user will benefit. Once you selected the cards, click on 'Update' to save changes.

Please note that each customer can have multiple exclusive loyalty cards.