Loyalty Overview

Slerp is now offering a powerful and detailed loyalty card solution that allows customers a flexible rewards system for repeated purchases
The Loyalty cards can be based on the traditional stamp card model (for example: buy 1 get 1 free), or they can be customer spend-based models (for example: 1 point earned per pound spent, with a reward available once a point threshold is reached). See below as an example of the traditional stamp card model.

App vs Loyalty:

The Slerp App and Loyalty points operate independently from each other. You can use a loyalty card without the app and the app without having the loyalty system set up.
Points or stamps can be earned and redeemed from orders made either via the app or the web, both methods result in the same point/stamp allocation.
Loyalty for offline (QR scanning) is only available when using the Slerp App, offering a more complete customer experience.

Loyalty and headless:

All loyalty data is available on the partner API so can be integrated into headless solutions and is available in the API documentation.