Loyalty Overview

Slerp offers a robust and comprehensive loyalty solution, allowing customers to easily create a variety of loyalty cards tailored for different purposes.

Here is an example of the card from both the app and the web.


Loyalty cards may follow the traditional stamp card model (e.g., buy 1, get 1 free) or adopt customer spend-based models (e.g., earn 1 point per pound spent, unlocking a reward upon reaching a designated point threshold). For an illustration of the traditional stamp card model, refer to the example below.

App vs Loyalty

The Slerp App and Loyalty Points function autonomously, allowing users to leverage each platform independently. The Loyalty system operates seamlessly, permitting the use of loyalty cards without the app and vice versa.

Accrual and redemption of points or stamps are applicable for orders placed through both the app and the web, ensuring uniform point/stamp allocation regardless of the chosen method.

For offline transactions involving QR scanning, Loyalty benefits are exclusively accessible through the Slerp App, enriching the overall customer experience. Further details on collecting points/stamps offline can be found in this article  Collecting Points/Stamps Offline

Loyalty and headless

All loyalty data is accessible through the partner API, facilitating seamless integration into headless solutions. Comprehensive details are provided in the API documentation for easy reference and implementation.

Exclusive Functionality 

This new feature empowers you to craft an exclusive loyalty card, reserved for specific customers. For more detailed information on this functionality, please visit Exclusive Functionality on Loyalty Card

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