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National Shipping with any carrier

Slerp's national shipping feature can be used with any carrier (eg. Fedex, DPD, or Yodel) you wish to work with.

Your customers are able to order directly through your website and you can customize the logic around what they can order, what lead time is required, and where they can order to.

It’s important to have a thorough review when choosing a shipping provider based on cost, availability, and reliability. Slerp will help you in connecting with your existing shipping account or help introduce you to a shipping provider. If you are new to national shipping, you will need to create an account with your preferred provider.

TIP: For any questions regarding changing delivery days, general shipping enquiries or seeking refunds, you will need to contact your shipping provider who are responsible for the delivery and addressing such matter.

How to get set up with national deliveries

  1. Set up an account with your carrier of choice
  2. Acquire a label printer
  3. You'll be able to manage your delivery operations and orders via Slerp's Composer tool. Speak to Slerp team about setting up your Composer account or find our more here.  
  4. Determine a fixed fee to charge customers based on the cost of delivery and potentially what you would like to subsidize of that cost
  5. Agree on pick-up time with your carrier (for next-day deliveries tomorrow, what time will your carrier pick up the parcels today)
  6. Based on the pickup time and the required time to make/pack the orders, set a reasonable cut-off time eg. if your carrier is picking up the orders at 5 pm and you need 2 hours to prepare, set your cut-off time at 1 day before at 3 pm - our Support team can assist with setting this up.