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National Shipping with any Carrier

Slerp's national shipping feature seamlessly aligns with any carrier of your choice, offering flexibility that can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of your selected 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), whether it's Fedex, DPD, Yodel, or others.


Your customers have the convenience of placing orders directly through your website, and you have the flexibility to customize the parameters, including the types of products available for order, required lead times, and delivery destinations.


When selecting a shipping provider, a comprehensive evaluation considering factors like cost, availability, and reliability is essential. Slerp assists in seamlessly connecting with your existing shipping account or can guide you in establishing connections with a suitable shipping provider. If you're new to national shipping, the process includes creating an account with your preferred carrier, and Slerp is here to support you every step of the way.


TIP: If you have inquiries about changing delivery days, general shipping concerns, or refund requests, please reach out directly to your designated shipping provider. They are responsible for managing deliveries and addressing related matters.

Key steps in having National Delivery:

  1. Set up with your carrier of choice.
    • Find out the rate they will be charging and determine a set amount for a fixed fee to charge customers based on the rates of the carrier you will use. 
    • Coordinate the pick-up time with your carrier of choice for next-day deliveries. Confirm when your carrier will pick up the parcels to ensure a smooth and timely process.
    • You may generate Orders with a fulfillment date tomorrow through your Slerp Controls dashboard, and upload it to the carrier's site if applicable. 
  2. Labeling the Orders.

      Slerp's Composer tool allows you to be able to manage your delivery operations, orders, and labels. It can also generate customized CSV files tailored to your carrier's format requirement. You can speak to us about setting up your Composer account or find out more here.  

    1. Determine a sensible cut-off time based on the pickup schedule and the time needed to make and pack orders. For example, if your carrier is scheduled to pick up orders at 5 pm, and you require a 2-hour preparation window, set your cut-off time at 3 pm one day prior. Learn more about Setting cut-off times for Pre-orders.