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Delivery with Stuart - FAQs

Stuart is an on-demand delivery platform that connects businesses with local couriers. They are the primary courier partner for bike and moped deliveries in UK.

What courier services can Stuart offer? 

Instant: Delivery that will instantly start searching for a Stuart courier-partner.

Scheduled: Delivery scheduled to be picked up within a 15min window before the delivery time slot.

Understanding Package Size - What can Stuart deliver?

Here is a handy chart showing the minimum sizes of Stuart Thermal Bags and max weight reference for our Partners.

A visual reference

  • Extra Small packages: Fits in an envelope
  • Small packages: Fits in a shoebox
  • Medium packages: Fits in a backpack
  • Large packages: Fits in a large suitcase
  • Extra-large packages: Fits in a car trunk

Stuart can deliver size XSS, and M. Please note that for all these sizes Stuart will cross-dispatch either a Bike or a Moped.

What happens if your items are too big for 1 Stuart Courier Partner bag?

1) If your order doesn't all fit in the Stuart Courier Partner's bag, the first courier can take the first part of the order.

You will then have to raise a new job request to Slerp support team with the same Drop Off details (via the live chat Dashboard or email) to call an additional Stuart Courier Partner in order to deliver the remaining items.

2) You can also book another courier autonomously: 

2.1) Via your Slerp controls as explained in this Book another courier guide. 

3) If you frequently receive orders with a high basket value, it is recommended to also enable deliveries via cars and vans. More information on the service can be found here

Maximum Pick-Up distance - How long it takes for the driver to arrive to the store? 

A driver is typically assigned to the delivery within 7 minutes and will be at your location within 15 minutes. The order is usually assigned to drivers that are within 2-2.5 miles from the store.  

  • London:  Bikes/Mopeds - 2 Miles 
  • Other cities & Areas: Bikes - 2.5 Miles

Maximum Pick up to drop-off distance - How long it takes for the driver to arrive to the customer's address? 

The end-to-end delivery time will depend on the distance between the store and the customer. Stuart average under 30 minutes up to 1.5 miles. Typically, it is 7 minutes per mile for mopeds and 9 minutes per mile for bikes. 

Slerp Controls allows you to customize or extend the delivery radius up to 4 miles to reach more customers from far away. 

Please note: if you are delivering via Stuart, the maximum drop-off distances from pick-up to drop-off are specific to transport type:

  • Bicycles: 5 km
  • Motorbikes: 8 km

For deliveries under 5 kmof travelled distance, Stuart's technology will search for either a Bike or a Moped.

Deliveries between 5 and 8 km of travelled distance will default automatically to a Moped.

Please note: Stuart mopeds can not travel more than 8 km to complete a job. If you'd like to allow customers to order from more that 8 km away, please create a custom delivery area and arrange the delivery services with your own drivers. By taking this step, you can ensure that the delivery radius limitations are overcome and your customers can continue to enjoy your offerings without interruption.

Can I cancel a delivery?

Before the package has been picked up, you can directly cancel the delivery via your Slerp App or via your Slerp controls dashboard:

If the driver has been assigned, please reach out to Slerp Support to request cancellation. 

1) Cancelling your delivery within 2 minutes of being assigned to a courier:

If you cancel the order within 2 minutes after the order has been assigned to a driver, it will be cancelled and the driver will be notified. There will be no charge associated with this cancellation and you may create a new order after this.

2) Cancelling your delivery after 2 minutes of being assigned to a courier:

If you cancel an order 2 minutes or more after the order has been assigned to a driver, you will be charged a penalty depending on the value of that specific delivery type. You will be charged the minimum amount. The driver will be notified and paid the minimum amount.

The customer was absent. What is the procedure? 

Below are some important steps that couriers will follow before returning the package to the store or leaving the package in a safe space and moving on to a new delivery:

  • Check the delivery notes section in the app for any additional information.
  • Attempt to call the customer at least 3 times via the app 
  • If the customer is reachable, confirm their address. If it is different from the order details, contact Support for further instructions.
  • If the customer is not reachable, contact Customer Support and ask for instructions on weather to return to the store or use the safe place policy. 

What is a return delivery?

A return is a new task delivery with a new task number that has been created by Support because the original delivery could not be delivered (absent customer, wrong drop-off address, refused order, etc...).

A return is a standard procedure done manually by Stuart and Slerp Live Support. 

Please note: in case of a return, Stuart charge will be double of the original delivery fee and will be invoiced to you. 

What is considered a “safe space” at the drop-off location?

If a customer is absent, instead of returning the package to the store, the courier can be advised to leave the package in a safe space at the drop-off location.

A safe space nearby the drop-off location should be sheltered from bad weather conditions and easy for the customer to spot. It would be ideal to leave the package as close to the customer’s door as possible. Safe spaces can include but are not limited to:

  • Outside house door/ flat building
  • With a neighbour
  • Inside the building reception
  • On front/back porch/window sill
  • Near shed/garage
  • Post Box
  • Foyer
  • Next to the lift

How do I know the order has been delivered? 

The proof of delivery (POD) can be retrieved by opening the order ID in question via your slerp controls dashboard. In the Delivery tab, you can find the tracking link and a picture added by the courier as POD. Find more info here

How to manage delays - The driver is not coming to the pick up location

Usually, drivers start to move after 2 minutes of having received the delivery request on their app. Please allow up to 10 minutes to see if they move towards the pick up location.

Please note that sometimes there can be some delay in the updates, which might give the impression that the driver is not moving when he/she actually is moving.

To see if a driver is moving: 

1) Via tablet: go to the order in your tablet and click on "track delivery" where you will be able to see drivers location live on a map. You can also get in touch directly with your driver by giving them a call.

2) Via slerp controls: open the order in your dashboard, click on delivery tab where you can view the order on a map and the live tracking link. Find our more here.

In the improbable case that the driver is not moving towards the pick up location after 10min and he/she isn't answering your phone calls, please contact Slerp Support. 

How to manage delays - Order searching, delivery not being assigned, no drivers available

Usually, delivery requests are assigned within 5 minutes, yet during peak times it can take more minutes to be assigned to a Stuart courier-partner. 

The system sends invitations to the couriers and it is then up to them to accept, as they are self-employed. Please, note that partners couriers can be reluctant to accept deliveries that are of higher distance.

Please allow the system to calculate the best route and invite a few drivers before contacting Live Support. If you cancel the order to have it relaunched, the order will get back to the beginning of the priority queue, so it takes more time to have the order assigned if it's cancelled and is re-sent, instead of letting the original one search for more time.

After 15 minutes of the job searching you can request Live Support to check your order, so they can assess supply in the area and provide you with a better ETA on when the delivery request could be assigned.

What if there is no Stuart courier-partner available?

Urgent delivery and no Stuart Courier Partner available? Please wait a few minutes and retry as a Stuart Courier Partner is probably finishing a delivery nearby and will be available within minutes.