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Delivery with Uber Direct

Uber Direct is an on-demand delivery platform that connects businesses with local couriers, they operate throughout most major towns and cities in the UK. If you have Uber Eats in your town, you probably have Uber Direct. 

How is the delivery fee calculated?

Delivery fee is based on the distance travelled and you are charged based on Slerp’s rate card here

Who pays for the delivery?

We recommend you subsidise the cost of delivery to your customers, this is outlined in the Slerp Rate Card here. You can choose not to do this and pass more of the fee, or the whole fee on to your end customers but this will reduce the number of orders you receive. 

Are there any additional fees associated with deliveries?

Uber do not charge waiting fees and they do not charge cancellation fees provide the booking is cancelled before the courier has left the pickup. However, you may be charged additional fees in the following scenarios:

  • Booking another courier - you may need to book another courier for large orders. You are charged for any extra couriers booked. Learn more here.
  • Costs not charged to your customer - if you choose to give your customers discount codes to apply to their delivery charge, you will be charged for the remainder of the delivery.
  • If an order needs to be returned to you as it is high-value and undeliverable or contains alcohol and is undeliverable (customer is absent) you may be charged return fees. 

What are the minimum bag dimensions for Uber couriers?

Here is a guide to the key dimensions Uber can take: