How to close a store on Controls Dash?


Access to your Slerp Controls Administration Page


The following processes can be followed to close the store on the Slerp Controls Dash:

  1. Closing from the Locations page (Requires an Admin User):
    1. Navigate to Locations on the left-hand navigation page and click on the store that you want to Open/Close, then click the Settings button and you will be able to toggle the store to Open/Closed.

      1. For reference, the following indicates whether the store is open or closed:
        1. Open -
        2. Closed -
  2. Closing from the Location page (As a Manager User)
    1. A manager level user has access to close or open multiple stores and can select these from the drop-down menu at the top left of the Locations page, then close/open them as required by clicking the Settings button:
  3. Closing from the Location page (As a Location Level / Store User):
    Location level users cannot close/open the store from
  4. Adding Special Closure Times or Special Cut-Off Times for Pre-Orders (Requires an Admin User or a Manager User)
    1. From the Store Settings page, you can add Special Closure Times in the Opening Hours tab, or Special Cut-off Times from the Pre-Orders tab under the Cut-Off Times subtab.