Table Ordering

Our QR-powered order and payment at table solution turn your customers' phones into tableside POS.

Set up and start selling via Table Ordering in less than 5 minutes

  1. Login to your Slerp controls (via and click on Locations in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on the location that you want to enable Table Ordering for (the feature can be enabled/disabled for each location independently).
  3. Click the Settings button.
  4. Click the Table Orders tab. 
  5. Toggle on the Enable Table Ordering button.
  6. Enter a customized welcome message, the table name choices, and the count of tables.
  7. Hit SAVE


Once saved, the system will auto-generate a unique QR code that you can print and stick on your tables. Your Table Ordering setup is now complete and your customers can scan the QR code to order and pay directly via their phone. 


  • You can create a unique menu and pricing per location (learn how to manage different pricing per delivery/pickup/table ordering here
  • Customers can checkout in less than 1 minute
  • Collect tipping from your customers (learn how to enable tipping here)
  • Split the bill is available at checkout


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