Table Ordering: Set-Up & Menu Management

Create a unique Table Ordering store for each of your locations. Follow the steps here to enable Table Ordering. 

6 steps on how to customize your Table Ordering menu. 

Step 1

Set up your Table Ordering menu by creating categories and products that reflect your onsite offering. 

To Note: You can have a unique menu and pricing for Table Ordering. Learn how to manage different pricing per delivery/pickup/table ordering here.

Step 2

Once you have set up your products, re-order your categories to match your service style. For example, list 'drinks 'and 'bar snacks' before the 'main dishes' or 'sides'. Try and replicate the sections of your printed menu for guest continuity. Learn how to re-order your categories here

Tip: Use variants and modifiers to mimic the order behaviour of your menu. For example, for a 'Gin and Tonic' use variants to create a 'Single' or 'Double' option. Or for a burger use modifiers to upsell sides and sauces. Learn how to customize your menu here.

Step 3

Configure your inventory and opening and closing times. All menu and location settings can be edited and updated live during service. 

Tip: If you run out of an item during the service, quickly mark it as "Out of stock" from your tablet. Lean how to temporarily snooze a product as "Out of stock" here

Step 4

Make sure your staff can be rewarded by your guests with tips. 

To Note: You can customize the tipping values displayed at checkout. Learn how to enable tipping here

Step 5

Stick the QR code on your tables. The QR code will take your guests to the hyperlink of your Table Ordering store where they can scan it using the camera on their smartphones.

Tip: We advise to make sure that your table numbers are visually communicated to all guests upon arrival or at table.

Step 6

When live the on-premise table orders will be sent to your tablet to process. Here you will be able to see table number, order, and customer information. Or, by using one of our POS integrations table orders can be automatically sent to your till point and printed as tickets for your bar or back-of-house team.