Reporting terminology

The main reporting elements can be defined as follows:

From your Slerp Controls Administration Page, navigate to Orders > Generate Report  in order to generate a report.


Financial Statement generation

  • For further information see our Statements article 


Statement Start and End date filter


Statement Creation Button (Export as XLSX)


Order Summary Generation


Order Summary Start and End Date and Time filter


Sort report by date placed (Order Date) or date of order fulfilment (Fulfilment Date)


VAT fields to include or exclude in the summary


Order summary output field filters


Export file type


Specific or unique-case reports


Report all current accepted and pending orders for the next day with their fulfilment details


A complete product listing with names, categories and further details relating to store products



A full list of Customers (Users with accounts) and Guests (Users that have not yet created an account) that have chosen to opt-in for marketing.


An online view (Copy Link) or a downloadable Excel (XLSX) sheet (Download Report)